Eradicating Poverty Should Be Top of the List

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Eradicating Poverty Should Be Top of the List

pakistanpoverty Houston, Texas: In a recent report on BBC called “The ultimate tragedy of poverty in Pakistan”, it is mentioned: “Every few days Pakistan makes the worst kind of headlines: bombings in markets and mosques, battles with the Taleban. But, much less widely reported, the daily lives of millions of Pakistanis are consumed by another problem. They have to cope with desperate poverty. And as one woman’s harrowing tale shows, the struggle for some is more than they can bear…..The sum of money that cost so many lives was 60,000 Pakistani rupees: That is about $700 (£465). In death, as in life, Pakistan’s poor are often invisible. The story of Akbar and his family was front-page news, but suicides linked to poverty are often relegated to the back pages and marked by just a line or two. One major newspaper recently reported the deaths of five men in five paragraphs.”

Spokesperson of one of the major humanitarian organizations of Muslims-Americans out of Detroit, Michigan called Helping hand For Relief & Development USA (HHRD-USA), has informed us that they do not want to claim to able to completely eradicate this problem. But they are sincerely working hard to introduce “Islamic Micro-Financing Programs” in Pakistan, as well as Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh to help the down-trodden people in these Asian countries, so as to lessen the stats and trends of suicides because of poverty.

This program works on the concept of facilitating and training someone how to fish rather than giving them fish all the time.

For this purpose, HHRD-USA  is organizing four annual HHRD-USA dinners in North-Brunswick-NJ (July 17th); Garland-Dallas-TX (July 23rd); Houston-TX (July 24th), and Detroit, Michigan (July 30th); to create awareness about HHRD-USA Micro-Financing Projects and seeking help from the communities across USA.

This will be for everyone families & friends to enjoy nice evening of inspirational talks, poetry, nasheeds & sumptuous dinner, while at the same time participating in a higher cause of bringing economic uplift & empowerment in the lives of hundreds of families through HHRD’s Islamic Micro-Financing Program.

Famous Islamic Scholar from India Sheikh Yousuf Islahi; Famous Nasheed Presenter of Pakistan from NY Amjad Hussain (Ex Pop-Singer); and Motivational Speaker Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez, will be featured.

Texas programs will be held: Friday, July 23rd, 2010, 7pm.-11pm. at the Special Events Center; 4999 Naaman Forest Blvd, Garland, Texas 75040; and Saturday, July 24th, 2010, 7pm.-11pm.; Arab American Cultural & Community Center, 10555 Stancliff Road, Houston, Texas 77099 [Dinner will be Served around 7:45pm.].

For more information, one can call Maaz Adil 1.281.468.2238 or ILyas Choudry 1.832.275.0786 or visit


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