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Houstonian Corner (V12-I27)

Most Successful 5th ICNA US South Central Region Conference at U of H

“Usually 800 persons register for our conference and 300 more people show up on the conference day. But this the fifth year for our ICNA Conference of the US South Central Region, more than 1,000 had already registered before the conference and some 500 came on the conference day,” said one ICNA organizer.

“With just $35 and $40, a whole family get registered for the complete one day conference and persons able to listen to leading national scholars and orators of Islam, like this year, Imam Khalid Griggs, Sheikh Nauman Ali Khan, Sheikh Omar Suleiman, Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Imam Abdul Nasir Jangda, Samid AL-Khatib, and the famous Muslim Comedian of “Allah Made Me Funny” Azeem Muhammad. Other attractions this year were Exhibition: “Window to Islam”; Extensive Bazaar and Halal Food on Sale; Parallel Youth Conference – Theme: “Strangers: Questions of Muslim Youth”; Some topics will be: “No Holds Barred – Any Questions”; “Contributions of The Muslim Youth”; “Being Muslim, Around My Friends”; and others,” added the organizer.

This Conference was held as the Fifth Annual ICNA-MAS US South Central Region Conference at the Main Campus of the University of Houston, University Center, and this past Saturday, June 26th, 2010.

Families and their friends’ learned about the various aspect of contemporary societal issue of: Save Family – Save Society. The organizers informed that very crucial and interesting modern world’s topics were presented in the most interactive manner like:

– Talk Show with Imam Khalid Griggs “Generation Gap in Muslim Families”; Interactive Session with Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan on “Peer Pressure: Good Or Bad”; The Family in America: Trends, Challenges, Opportunities (Dr. Zahid Bukhari); Parents and Our Responsibility (Abdul Nasir Jangda); Today You Can – Tomorrow You Cannot (Sheikh Omar Suleiman).

For getting videos of the conference, one can call 1-713-201-8080; 1-225-315-0407; and 1-817-300-9461.

TV Max Television at the International Press Club

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Wea H. Lee, Chairman of Southern News Group, Houston, Texas, and John Robbins, Director of the International Press Club, hosted a luncheon gathering of the International Press Club (IPC) at the Southern News Group offices on Thursday, June 24, 2010. Present were members of the international press, representing diverse cultures including Muslims-American, Asian, Pakistani-American, Indo-American, Japanese, African, Hispanic as well as community leaders from the Alief and surrounding area. Present were representatives from newspapers, magazine, radio, television and internet media sources in the Houston area.

In his remarks at the meeting, Lee emphasized that the “time is right” for the members of the international press in Houston to come together as a group to not only share in professional journalistic discussions, but also to share business, political and cultural news and events that directly affect the various international communities.

The featured guest was Mr. David Curtin, CEO of TV Max Television, the leading Cable TV Service to several hundred apartment and condominium complexes throughout Houston. Mr. Curtin expressed his willingness to work with members of the international press in the development of the international programming on TV Max, in cooperation with Mr. Wea Lee and ITV International Television.

The IPC joins the International Trade Center and ITV International Television, Digital Channel 55.5 in Houston as another effort on the part of Southern News Group leadership to connect Texas and the local and state economies to world markets. The organization is a non-profit, fraternal organization dedicated to connecting members of the international press in Texas and also welcomes non-media individuals and businesses, with an interest in global news developments that affect the economy of Texas and local communities of Texas.

Southern News Group has published the Southern Chinese Daily News in southwest Houston for over 30 years, and over the years has expanded to 11 other major U.S. cities, and now comprises a diverse media business with an international presence that includes print, internet and television services.

For additional information contact John Robbins, Director, IPC of Texas at 832-448-0193, or by email at john@scdaily.com


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