“Muslim Community Needs to Help Society At-Large to Revive the Good Family Values”: Dr. Zahid Bukhari Ameer of ICNA

ICNA Houston Community Leadership Meeting With Dr. Zahid Bukhari (1) ICNA Houston Community Leadership Meeting With Dr. Zahid Bukhari (2)
ICNA Houston Community Leadership Meeting With Dr. Zahid Bukhari 2009-Save Family Save Society (Logo)

Houston, Texas (10-03-2009): “Starting on the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr, September 21, 2009, till October 31, 2009, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has launched a most crucial campaign called the “Save Family Save Society. During this time frame several Friday Khutabahs throughout the country will have family principles as the main theme. The last Friday on October 30, 2009 will be a day of Solidarity for the Family, with Friday Sermons in all Fifty States of USA on the topic of “Upholding of the Family Values. Details can be found at www.ICNA.Org/Family”

This was informed by Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Ameer of ICNA, at the Houston Community Leadership Brunch organized by the local chapter of the organization. Present on the occasion were M. J. Khan City of Houston Councilman; Dr. Aziz Siddiqi and Fayez Ghawri of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH); Isa Parada of Islam in Spanish; Maulana Shah of Madrasae Islamiah; Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik of the Institute of Islamic Knowledge; Haseeb Abdali President ICNA Houston; Ayub Badat & Saad Ansari of ICNA Relief; Hanif Ismael of Helping Hand For Relief & Development; Samid AL-Khatib ICNA Dawah Department; Amjad Muhtasab of the Imam Academy School System; Hafiz Nisar-ul-Haq of ASIA Society; Iqbal Badat Vice-President Pakistani-American Association of Greater Houston (PAAGH); Media Persons Hafiz Tauqer Shah (Radio Islam On Air), Jameel Siddiqui (Pakistan Chronicle / Pakistan Journal Report), & Shamim Syed (Pakistan News); and others.

Continuing with the background and details of the “Save Family Save Society:” campaign, Dr. Bukhari said: “Family is the basic unit of any society, community and country, to prosper and excel, so as to bring the much needed ingredients of serenity, harmony & advancement. Generally the whole world and particularly our own American Society is facing serious Family Values Deficit and our own most religiously oriented Muslim Community is not immune to this fast spreading negative phenomenon of less family values. There is need to nurture the good basic and natural family values and ICNA is urging everyone to join our hands in this campaign: To all the community leaders, religious scholars, and teachers, so that they can emphasize in their regular daily and weekly presentations the urgency of reviving the family values. ICNA has created a resource for such speeches, presentations, & activities, on a dedicated website for this purpose www.ICNA.Org/Family People can subscribe at this website with no charge and receive useful information throughout the month of October 2009 and beyond.”
Topics at www.ICNA.Org/Family include: Pre-Marital Tips; Nurturing Your Marriage; Proposed Family Fun; Gender Relations; School and Family; The Death Bed of Family (Homosexuality & Related Diseases); State of Our Unions; Family and Marriage in America; Domestic Violence; Health Matters; and much more.


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