Imam Abdullah Bey El-Amin of Detroit’s Muslim Center Runs for Detroit City Council

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Farmington–May 27–Imam El-Amin announced last Thursday evening that he is running for Detroit City Council.  This is another indication of a growing trend–the silver lining that followed the years of difficulty after 9/11–of Muslims seeking political office to remedy the lack of political clout that Muslims feel in the US.

In an email press release titled “My Plan for Detroit,” Imam El-Amin explained his vision for Detroit’s future. 

A long-time columnist who helped found The Muslim Observer, Imam El-Amin is a strong voice of conviction, conscience, and principle who has an ability to cross cultural and religious lines in order to sow the seeds of peace–with Christians, Jews, and Muslims, with Americans and Africans. 

His own mosque reflects this uniquely, as it is a crossroads frequented by people from the African American community and also the African Gambian community, not to mention people from many other ethnicities, including Malaysians, white Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, and Arabs. 

This is no accident–Imam El-Amin has made a deliberate and conscious effort over decades to reach out to different communities of peoople.  You may find him at his mosque, warmly welcoming the many partners he has found with whom to build peace in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities.  He has also accomplished much within his own community–not least among his accomplishments are the mosque he has helped to put into place, the Muslim Center of Detroit on Davison Hwy.

Speaking of his own candidacy he shows the confidence of a successful candidate, “we’re going to win, but I need a lot of help.”

Following is the press release which announces his candidacy:

Announcement of Candidacy

“Making Detroit Great…Again

“Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

In times of hardship, it is easy for people to lose hope, to feel that all good is gone.  Detroit is on hard times but we are not lost, and we are not out of the game.   Our city is blessed to have thoughtful, committed citizens who are willing to work hard and tirelessly to see our community improved.   I am running for City Council because I am committed to putting in the time and hard work necessary to realize the true revitalization of the City of Detroit.  As your councilman, there are several things I feel are vital for this to occur.  Below is a partial list.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and to working together to formulate a full plan.   Together, we can make Detroit great… again!


o    Rebuild a “village” mentality where neighbors look out for each other’s well being and property.  
o    Support the construction of new Neighborhood Block Clubs throughout the city.
o    Strengthen existing block clubs by linking with funders to provide “mini-grants” for clean ups and other neighborhood projects


o    Detroit’s image has been tarnished throughout America.  We need to bring attention to our Detroit Jewels like Eastern Market, Greektown, our beautiful Waterfront, Auto Show and Historic homes to improve our image and increase tourism.
o    When we repair our image, we will be able to increase international and regional support for investment in the City of Detroit


o    Each person that is paid by Detroit tax dollars should live in Detroit.  I will work to create legislation that would require city residency for police, firemen, political appointees, and other city employees.   We must begin to infuse good peoples back into our neighborhoods and that begins with our employees.


o    Take a strong stand against littering and illegal dumping in the City of Detroit.   If you litter, you are ticketed.  If you dump, you are heavily fined and prosecuted.  We will not tolerate the denigration of our community.  Increase requirement for visible community service for breaking the laws of littering and illegal dumping in the City of Detroit
o    Encourage neighborhoods to organize regular neighborhood cleanups
o    Provide cleaning supplies for those who engage in cleanups.


o    Detroit businesses should be given priority for contractual work with the city.  Choosing to locate your business within the City of Detroit is a plus for our community.  Those who invest in Detroit should reap the benefits first.
o    Encourage Detroit residents to enter into small business entrepreneurial ventures such as grass cutting, snow plowing, plumbing, drywall installation, etc.
By implementing this basic plan, our pride in the city will be enhanced.    When people are prideful, they think twice about denigrating or allowing others to denigrate it!


Leadership with Integrity for Detroit’s Future!


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