Let’s Not Promote Alarmism

Council of Pakistan American Affairs Press Release

CPAA Press Release

On the basis of contact with policy makers, bureaucrats, relatives, and friends, COPAA declares that the situation in Pakistan is returning to normal and the news being spread by hostile sources about the dangers to Pakistan’s security are highly exaggerated. Information gathered from military sources in Pakistan shows that the action by the Pakistan army and civilian agencies against the militants has been very effective. We therefore, appeal to Pakistanis living in America, not to feel too troubled about the situation and to dismiss alarmist news items being purveyed by hostile elements and misinformed sources. We appeal to the government and the people of Pakistan to deal with the situation with tact and statesmanship.

As for the statements by Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton and President Obama, our information shows that the situation, although of concern in the tribal north, is now under control and Pakistani Americans should not feel distressed and worried.

I appeal to Pakistani Americans to rely on credible sources of information on Pakistan. The best source of information on ground reality is family and=2 0friends in Pakistan.

Indeed, the militancy in the north is a cause for concern, but the hysteria being created about Pakistan being “a failed state” and a “threat to the world” is an apocalyptic exaggeration.

The indicators of economic progress still point up: the middle class has doubled in the past decade, a military dictatorship was overthrown by the civil society and a people’s  movement, small businesses are flourishing in this global downturn, rapid increase of activism and women’s rights movements, a revolution in electronic and print media, Muslim radical parties have been rejected in elections, and Pakistan finally has a democracy.

COPAA has been actively voicing its opinions against the spread of radicalism and hasn’t been an idle observer. The COPAA president and board members have been meeting with congressmen and senators to present solutions and voice opinions of the Pakistani American community. Our suggestions and concerns have also reached President Obama.

COPAA and its board members have also sent letters and made calls to the White House making suggestions for US-Pakistan policy.

COPAA welcomes your feedback and strives hard to better serve the Pakistani American community. Please give us your feedback suggest improvements, and please provide any thoughts on COPAA’s efforts.


Adnan Ul Haq Khan

Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA)


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