Tawheed Center Shines Through Hifz Program, at Fundraiser

By Adil James, MMNS

Farmington–April 18–The Tawheed Center’s hifz program has already borne fruit in the form of six new young huffaz graduates, the youngest of whom is only nine years old.


The showcase for the accomplishments of the Tawheed Center is in fact the hifz program, which has been in existence for only a short time–less than two years.  There are three huffaz who serve as the teachers for the program, Imam Sohel, Imam Abdul Hafiz from South Africa, and Mufti Akram.

The goal of the fundraiser was to raise approximately $311,000 in order to complete the first and second floors of the new addition to the mosque, and approximately 600 people were present, packing the men’s area and presumably the women’s–standing room only.

A brief tour of the new construction revealed a large space, well planned space for classrooms, a cavernous women’s prayer area, waiting rooms, a playroom for small children–most of this as yet uncovered with drywall.

The Tawheed Center is a blessed mosque among Southeast Michigan mosques, and its educational programs reflect that.  So far the Tawheed Center has devoted $1,283,194 to this new construction.

To support the construction, or to show interest in any of the Tawheed Center programs, please contact Mr. Asim Khan, 313-506-3215.


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