Re: Harun Yahya

By Rizwan Jafry

Letter to the Editor R: Anwarul  Islam’s comments (April 4th 2009 edition) about Mr. Syed Aslam’s response to Harun Yahya’s Interview

Mr. Islams comments about Syed Aslams letter were very entertaining.  Mr. Islam’s objections initially seem to be based on his opinion about the tenor of Mr. Aslam’s response and not on the subject matter since he states that he “knows nothing about evolution”.

Mr. Islam then contradicts himself by stating that he has read about evolution in the main stream press and then proceeds to give his opinion on a subject he claims to know nothing about and further derides people with the use of the term “heard mentality” for taking the time and effort to study evolution in a scientific manner.

Mr. Islam please engage brain before engaging mouth.

Rizwan Jafry  (Detroit, MI)

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