Islamic Institute of Knowledge (IIK) Fundraiser

By Adil James, MMNS

P4058043 Dearborn–April 5–The IIK’s fundraiser this past weekend was a testament to the transparency of the mosque’s finances and to the devotion and generosity of the mosque’s community which attended the fundraiser and which was able to raise approximately $150,000 in the course of only 3 hours to support the running of the mosque.

About 700 people attended the event, including one official from the Islamic Center of America, Mr. Jamal Dakroub, who explained to TMO that ICA has a fundraiser May 3rd, and who explained that their garage sale the day previous to the IIK fundraiser was successful.

The IIK fundraiser began with recitation of Qur`an, and then all of us were welcomed to the event by an IIK representative.  We do “not attain to piety until you spend from what you love,” he explained, saying that IIK is not only a place of prayer but “a place open from 11AM to midnight where you can come to imams with questions about issues” of marriage, divorce, family issues, fiqh issues, and social and cultural issues.

He mentioned also the IIK website,, and mentioned upcoming projects at the mosque including replacement of the carpets “hopefully with tile” at a cost of about $65,000.

Expenses for the mosque, he explained, are about $83,000 per month, and there is a shortage of $38,000 covered from the proceeds of the fundraiser.  The charter school Riverside Academy fortunately contributes “about half of the money we need-about $40,000 to $45,000 per month.”  He explained that IIK is hoping for more sponsors and commercials, and listed other mosque expenses including about $14,000 per month for payroll; there is a bank loan of 6.35 million with a $52,000 monthly payment.


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