IAGD Takes an Active Role in Developing the Careers of its Congregation

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IAGD Takes an Active Role in Developing the Careers of its Congregation

By Adil James, MMNS


Rochester–March 1–The bad economy affects Muslims as well as non-Muslims, and the Muslims suffering under the new economy also need jobs.  To serve its congregants, IAGD sponsored a career services and preparation day on Sunday March 1st, featuring Worldlink Communications, which provides training in speaking and presentation to groups and individuals.

The seminar was a very serious attempt to help IAGD community members who are also suffering the effects of the downturn in the economy and particularly the auto industry. 

Jay Johnson of Worldlink spoke in the initial hour of the 5 hour program about nonverbal communication. 

In an engaging manner he showed the importance of non-verbal communication, saying for example that according to the researcher and anthropologist Ray Birdshistell, a person only engages in “10 to 12 minutes of speaking per day,” showing therefore the importance of all of the other forms of communication during that typical day.  Johnson showed the importance of handshakes, body positioning, the position of arms and hands, whether a person slouches or stands straight, and eye contact.

He advised dressing well, giving the example of a “pick a doctor” slide, in which a tattooed bald man and a bespectacled smiling bearded man with a suit were put side by side.  After everyone “chose a doctor,” Johson revealed that the man in the suit is a serial killer, Harold Shipman, while the bald man with tattoos is in fact a famous doctor, Dr. Dave Ores. 

Therefore don’t judge by appearance, but be aware that others do, including you!

Mr. Johnson pointed out ways to see the attitude and receptivity of a person to whom a speaker is speaking also, and described ways to deal with people who are either very receptive or very unreceptive, saying that if a person crosses his arms, crosses his legs, and slouches slightly, that is an indication that he is absolutely rejecting what the speaker is saying, and it might be time to ask that person “have I said anything that has offended you in any way.”

IAGD has called Worldlink to help with many of its programs.  The Worldlink founders, explains Partner Terry Fischer, began as debating team members at Wayne State University, and started offering instruction programs as a business.  They have several high profile clients, and have helped IAGD train its school debating team, and have helped instruct its teachers in order to acclimate them to American culture in school.

This Saturday program was the first career development program they have offered, but judging from the rapt attention of the audience, it will not be the last.


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