Gaza Embargo in America?

By Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-chief

Mr. Randy Porsley, a life long resident of Corona, California, was watching Israel’s murderous genocide in Gaza with mounting displeasure. Mr. Porsley sent a letter to his local newspaper ( questioning Israel’s genocide in Gaza. He further suggested US should stop supporting the numerous Israeli war crimes like bombing civilians with napalm/phosphorous bombs. The local news paper Press Enterprise ignored his letter as they did for almost all anti-Israel letters. After this letter Mr. Porsley put a sign up on his house equating Israeli war crimes and Nazi war crimes.

For this sign he was threatened by the Corona police department. A couple of police officers including a Lieutenant came and “asked” him to remove the sign. The sign was on his own house and small enough like numerous signs such as merry Christmas etc. The officers admitted the sign was legal but still suggested it is “better” for him to remove it anyway. So Mr. Porsley complied.

Then Corona city officials started trying to boycott and embargo his wife and daughter’s beauty salon business (Hair Trends and co, 140 Corona Mall, Corona, 92879, PH: 951-371-3522). This is an illegal and immoral action by city officials and possibly Corona chamber of commerce.

Mr. Porsley’s opinions are his right. Mr. Porsley’s perceptions of Israeli criminality are in fact true and correct. The city of Corona has no business trying to intimidate people and suppress their free expression. City of Corona has no business trying to censor people personal opinions. Lastly the city of Corona has no right to attack the business of some one’s wife and daughter because they don’t like his opinions. Please review Mr. Porsley’s letters to his local newspaper. This is a city sponsored intimidation tactic to prevent people from expressing their anger at Israeli war crimes. We would like to get all people of conscience, brothers and sisters from inter faith, move on and other groups to come on board in support of Mr. Porsley’s freedom of speech and expression.

In supporting Mr. Porsley freedom of speech and expression we are supporting our own freedom of speech and expression. In opposing the boycott and economic pressure directed against Mr. Porsley’s wife and daughter we are in fact defending our own wives and daughters. We request that all people of conscience call Mr. Porsley and give him support. Those who can please call his wife and daughter’s hair salon and get hair cuts or salon treatments so as to break the economic boycott being faced by Mr. Porsley and his wife and daughter.

Mr. Porsley’s Letter #1 to Press Enterprise the Local newspaper. I keep reading In the Op-eds and seeing on TV that Hamas started the latest atrocity in Gaza by firing small cheap rockets into Israel. Actually Israel broke the approximate 6 month cease fire with an incursion that killed 6 Palestine’s. That started the latest fight. After Israel pulled out the illegal settlers and the I.D.F they turned to Gaza into an open air prison of approximately 1.5 million men, women, and children.
This is a humanitarian tragedy. And Israel wonders why the Gazans shoot cheap firecracker rockets at Israel. The Israeli response? F-16, helicopters, gun ships, tanks, etc.

As of this writing to 1-9-9. 750 Palestinians dead and over 2,000 wounded. 13 Israeli dead. 4 of these by friendly fire. This is unbelievable. I don’t think history shows that Israel wants peace with Palestinians. All they want is the land. Check out the illegal settler movement in the western bank.

The United States is the only country that can rein in Israel. The illegal settlements and occupation must come to an end if peace is to come to the middle east.

Randy Porsley
Corona, Ca,
Randy’s Letter #2.

I guess my sign has upset some folks. I was and am extremely upset about the genocide Israel just did to the Palestinians in Gaza. Ok, I had the sign up for 3 days.
The coppers came up and asked if I would remove the sign because some people got their feelings hurt. When I took the sign down I figured it was all over. Well I guess it isn’t.

I believe Steve Kline, Mr. Talbert , the Mayor, and a few others at the city of Corona are trying to sabotage my wife and daughter’s beauty salon. So far this week five city employees said they would boycott the salon for what I put on the sign. This is absolutely incredible. The city of Corona trying to put a city business out of business, because of a political statement by me Randy Porsley on the absolute genocide in Gaza.

Now I am not a retaliatory type of person, but I am up to a good fight if need be. How would you people like it if I was to put up a bigger sign that reads: “Israel is Racist Apartheid Terrorist state”?

Randy Porsley 951-735-9208

PS: Bill of Rights 1st Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Ratified 1771.


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