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Shariah Academy Having Regular Monthly Courses in Houston

“Muslim Parents will feel proud, when their children will graduate from the Shariah Academy as Imams and Guides of the community in various affairs,” said Shaikh Mamdouh Mustafa Mahmoud, In-Charge of Houston Branch of Shariah Academy, which was established in Florida in 2004. One can visit http://www.shariaacademy.com/ to get more information.

The next Houston Monthly Course will be on Saturday, February 21, 2009 – Sunday, February 22, 2009 – 10:00am – 08:00pm each day on “History of Islamic Legislation” by Imam Hassan Khalil. The location of the course is: ISGH— North Zone – 11815 Adel Road – Houston – Texas 77067 – Contact Info: Naeem Siddiqi – E-Mail: HoustonShariaAcademy@Yahoo.Com – Phone: 832-893-8317.

Masur Javed Khan Has Shown Interest To Vie For City of Houston Controller Position

This past Saturday, in the presence of large gathering of family members and friends at the new Shahnai Banquet Hall, the City of Houston Councilperson Masrur Javed Khan announced that he is interested in running for the City Controller Position in the upcoming November 2009 City Elections. It was not an official announcement, but he has shown his keen interest in running for this position. “It is important that a candidate has fire in the belly to face the rigors of long campaigns and I am ready for it one more time,” said M. J.

Public Relation and Political Campaign Expert Mustafa Iqbal Tameez said it is a difficult race, but winnable. It will take determination of the candidate and about $800,000 of Campaign Funds are keys to winning this election.

“I believe in the power of prayers: Such supplications of the community people, many of whom told me they prayed for me while fasting: That helped me win the first City of Houston Campaign against son of former City Mayor and Incumbent Brother-in-Law and similar prayers are needed. I myself prayed for the best for my family and community during Hajj one year before the first major election of my public life and all these supplications resulted in my win in 2003, which was not expected: I of course need the same zeal, prayers and financial assistance from the community. With six years of city council experience and sound education background (MBA from Rice University), I feel confident that I am the right person for this position,” added Masrur Khan.

Earlier CPA Haroon Shaikh, who is Board Member of prestigious Harris-County-Houston-Sports-Authority Board, informed that M. J. Khan as City Councilperson has brought millions of dollars for Community Public Clinics and Housing Schemes like Ibna-e-Sina and Shifa Foundation Clinics and Low Housing Scheme. “I have also brought several parks, libraries and other amenities for the citizens of my District,” said M. J.

Attorney Naomi Hussein said that few years ago, a person with a different sounding name said he would like to be an US Senator: Nobody gave him any chance: That same person is now Former Senator and Present President of USA Barrack Hussein Obama: M. J. Khan can do the same.


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