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U.S. Bankruptcy Court grants involuntary bankruptcy petition against Sunrise Equities Inc.

On December 8, 2008, Judge Jack B. Schmetterer of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois entered an order granting the involuntary bankruptcy petition filed by Lakeshore Law Group on behalf of creditors of Sunrise Equities, Inc. after representatives of Sunrise repeatedly failed to appear in court or challenge the petition.

This order opens the door for the United States Trustee to take possession of Sunrise Equities’ assets and track down any funds that may have been improperly transferred to other entities, in order to compensate the creditors, including Lakeshore Law Group’s clients in this case.

Marietta mosque complies with court order

ATLANTA, GA–Al Hedaya Islamic Center, after months of delay, finally is in compliance with a Marietta Municipal Court order issued in September.
In a court hearing last week, Judge Roger J. Rozen found the mosque in compliance, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

“The case has now been completed,” said court administrator Pam Allen.

The mosque operates in a former single family residence zoned as a legal non-conforming use. With that zoning designation, the mosque cannot change the original footprint of the house.

In September, the court ordered Al Hedaya Islamic Center to remove front, rear and side structures it had added as well as two columns flanking its driveway.
Dec. 10 was the final deadline on multiple extensions the court granted for the rear deck-like structure to be removed, the last step to being in compliance.
Based on information presented in court today, the judge found the mosque has complied with his original order.


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