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Pakistanis Are One of the Most Hospitable People: Wild Life Artist John Banovich

John-Banovich(Pakistan) Paradise Valley – Livingston – Montana — “Many people told me not to travel to Pakistan, as it is considered a dangerous place. My host Saeed Khan, a successful Arizonian entrepreneur of Pakistani dissent, assured me everything will be alright and when I visited for 3 weeks in March 2008 with my friend Eric Stumberg from Austin Texas, I found Pakistan to be most wonderful. I have traveled the whole of Europe, Russia, India, several African, Asian and South American countries and what I found about the people of Pakistan is that they are one of the most genuinely hospitable people. I did not find any Anti-West feelings among people. They were all very friendly. I met some with lesser of means and resources, but whatever they had, they opened their doors to serve us, which I have rarely seen,” informed the famous Wildlife Artist John Banovich, as he spoke to our Special Corresponded on phone.

“I have this passion that I want to put on my canvass, various aspects of creatures that are big and have big teeth. That was the reason I went to Pakistan in pursuit for Snow Leopards, as big things with big teethes, is what I love to explore and present in my artwork. I stayed in Islamabad for four days and then for a few days at the Palace on the River of Prince of Kalabagh. Both the experiences of Islamabad and Kalabagh were simply magnificent. Then I was off to Chitral, Gilgat, Hunza and other parts of Northern Pakistan. I have stood at the bottom of Rocky Mountains in USA. But to stand at the base of more than two times higher mountains of Nangaparbat in Pakistan was simply breathtaking. I am an artist and will continue to do artwork. However if there is someone good in writing, I need him or her to visit these areas, as there are many things to be reported and many amazing stories to be told from these wilderness,” said John Banovich.John-Banovich-With-Friends(Pakistan)

“The authorities in Pakistan have developed a well-managed hunting program in the wilds. People of the area are aware of the importance of the natural habitat and wild life for their well-being and that makes the preservation easy and beyond merely sustainability. I was impressed by the outdoor skills of three of our guides as we established our base camp and tried to locate Snow Leopards. We had goats, which we used as prey for the leopards to come out and eat, so that I can do my artwork. They did come out and eat the goats, but they somehow came when we were not aware. We found their footprints; one male, one female and one baby leopard. I could feel their presence in the area, and felt they are watching us, but we were unable to find them. I will soon be going back to continue my pursuit,” added John Banovich.

John Banovich received “Society of Animal Artists 2007-2008 “Presidential Award” – A Giant Among Giants”. Describing his work, Keith Hansen, Publisher of Wildlife Art wrote: “John Banovich: the wildlife artist, the philosopher, and the world traveler. His name stands out among wildlife artists worldwide. His artistic skills bring nature’s creatures into the homes and lives of individuals around the world. His ‘big as life’ approach to capturing on canvas what he sees in the wilds of Africa, North America and around the world makes John Banovich himself bigger than life.”

For more information, please visit http://www.johnbanovich.com/

Cochinwala And Zakaria Families Fundraised For Harris County Sheriff Elect Adrian Garcia

Fuad Cochinwala And Zakaria Family Fundraised For Harris County Sheriff Elect Adrian Garcia (G) “I want the Deputies to have more open minds and the whole department should be a picture of competent diversity, since these will be the key elements as we move forward to cure the various serious illnesses’ at the Sheriff Department,” said Harris County Sheriff Elect Adrian Garcia at After-Election Fundraiser, which was hosted for by Cochinwala and Zakaria Families in the beautiful building of One Step Diagnostic (owner Fuad Cochinwala).

Program was attended by various dignitaries of the Community. “It is good that we have elected a new Sheriff for the third largest County in USA, since the previous Sheriff had already purchased and was on the verge of introducing new computer systems, to link all of his Deputies with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). That would have been counter-productive in enforcing local laws and preventing crimes because the Deputies would then have been spending much of their time trying to enforce federal immigration laws rather than giving other important local services,” informed Community Organizer Shaukat Zakaria, as he asked for pledges and checks for Sheriff Elect Adrian Garcia’s Campaign. “More funds he has in his Campaign Coffers; more are the chances that Adrian will be re-elected in the future without any candidate standing against him. Although I have disagreed with him on certain issues, but this is for sure that he truly is the friend of all the communities of Harris County,” added Shaukat Zakaria.

“After I take the oath to the office in January 2009, I will make sure that qualified people from the various diverse communities of Harris County are hired. We will establish Committees where community organizations like the Islamic Society of Greater Houston is well represented. Law enforcement is a serious undertaking, since a policeperson over the span of his or her career touch in most profound manner lives of many people. I will like my Deputies and Staff to closely know the people they serve rather than having just a cursory link. I will be most transparent to bring back the lost trust in the Sheriff Department,” added Adrian Garcia.


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