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The Death of Right and Wrong

By Elder George, MMNS

The removal of religious law from spiritual truths eventually leads to an adapting of the law to social mores and then a complete severing of the law from its spiritual intent. When Paul Bremer oversaw the provisional government of Iraq a few years ago he vetoed its use of the Sharia as part of the Western effort to remove the moral basis for societal conduct. The West seeks to promote moral relativism—the concept that there is no right and wrong—which in turn leads to conduct based upon what is legal and illegal rather than what is moral and ethical. The extent to which moral relativism has infiltrated the educational system and our societal fabric is explained in a book written by Tammy Bruce entitled, The Death of Right and Wrong.

Miss Bruce informs us that the educational system under the guise of sex education really teaches sexuality. It not only teaches about sex, but how to do it. Under the heading of Alternate Lifestyles it not only teaches lesbianism and homosexuality, but how to participate in it. Since there is no right and wrong sex becomes an object of pleasure, as do all things in a society that has no moral basis. Teaching children sexuality at an early age increases their sexual activity and results in teenage pregnancies, increased incidences of venereal disease, mental confusion and depression, and an increase in suicides among girls, which partially accounts for the World Health Organization reporting that the number one health issue in America is mental illness. Miss Bruce is a lesbian, but she considers her sexual orientation something personal and not to be taught to children. She is also the former head of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a person of renown in the leftist liberal segment of American politics from which she has since distanced herself.

The Death of and Right and Wrong does not limit itself to sex education, but explains the non-judgmental viewpoint concerning all personal behavior and how all facets of the media assist in its promotion. It explains how criminals are set free and how the innocent suffer, and that religious teachings of any sort are an anathema to the leftist objective. It describes the move to consider children as adults and thus remove them from parental supervision. Miss Bruce, without realizing it, has shown that the Western culture is 180° out of phase with what is natural and spiritual. At present she is aware of these problems with the radical left, hopefully she will become aware of these same problems with the reactionary right.

Like most Westerners, Miss Bruce is limited by the feminine, European, materialistic, myopic vision; however, she has a brilliant mind that she has opened to a consideration of the viewpoints of others and I admire her for her ability to clear away much of the garbage of her materialistic education. Every person with family values will benefit from reading her documented first-hand description of the attack on values that are fundamental to the survival of the human race. The horror of her account is that it is happening on a daily basis with little resistance.

Elder George’s website is www.mensaction.net and he can be reached at 212-874-7900 ext. 1329.

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