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Dr. Mohammed Habeeb Ahmed inducted into Cambridge’s Who’s Who

SAN JOSE–Dr. Mohammed Habeeb Ahmed, Doctor and Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Care, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of cardiology.

As a doctor and director, Dr. Ahmed excels in interventional cardiovascular medicine. Prior to his current profession, he served as a consultant and staff cardiologist at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation. He considers completing his education and attaining four fellowships in one field to be his greatest professional accomplishment, and attributes his success to his hard work, perseverance and honesty.

Dr. Ahmed became involved in his profession because of his interest in the field of medicine. He has also published articles on interventional cardiovascular medicine. Dr. Ahmed believes that in spite of tremendous growth in the medical field, treatment has not reached many patients and considers this to be the most important issue facing his profession today.

Dr. Ahmed earned his MD from Osmania Medical College in India in 1990 and completed training programs at Georgetown University Hospital in 2005. He is affiliated with the American College of Cardiology, the American College of Physicians, the American Registry for Diagnostic Sonography, Inc. and the American Medical Association. Dr. Ahmed has been named a Master of the American Academy of Cardiology and a Master of the American Board of Hospital Physicians.

Boca Raton clergy to collaborate

BOCA RATON, FL–Diverse religious leaders in Boca Raton are coming together to work on common causes.
They have formed a new social networking group, the Boca Raton Interfaith Clergy Association, to address issues such as homelessness, poverty, and crisis situations.

“We have a real deep and abiding commitment to get to know each other,” said the Rev. Andrew Sherman of St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Boca Raton, who founded the group with Rabbi David Steinhardt of B’nai Torah Congregation west of Boca Raton. “We want to look at ways people of faith can work together,” the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Also on board is an Imam from the Islamic Center of Boca Raton. The rabbi and the priest said they immediately hit it off and resolved to get an informal association off the ground.

The group now meets on a monthly basis and hopes to expand soon.

W. VA farmers and businesses urged to enter halal market

CHARLESTON (News Agencies)-There is much demand for Halal food in West Virginia but not enough supply to meet it. While there has been a gradual increase in the number of Muslims in the are there has been no proportion rise in businesses serving them.

Now, some state officials want farmers, stores and restaurants to realize this demand and enter this market. West Virginia State University agriculture extension specialist Almeshia Brown along with others has launched a statewide project that seeks to teach the teach the public about the market potential for halah food.

Brown is working with Teresa Halloran, a marketing specialist for the state Department of Agriculture.

Man charged in shooting of Muslim man

CLEVELAND-A one million dollar bond has been set for a man charged in the shooting of a Muslim man in Cleveland. The 18-year old man is charged with the shooting of Fazliddin Yakubov on June 20 at gas station in Superior.

Surveillance tape captured the shooting and helped police in their investigation. Police say they have identified the other people in the tape and still want to interview them as part of their investigation, WKYC-TV reported.

Police say there was not enough evidence to pursue the investigation as a hate crime.

Yakubov moved to the U.S. from his native Uzbekistan. He is recovering in a Cleveland hospital and is listed in fair condition.


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