The Reason for Western Society’s Demise

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The Reason for Western Society’s Demise

Elder George

By Elder George

From the day you started living in Western society until the present, whatever you considered to be wrong then, has gotten worse. You live in a society incapable of resolving problems—a frightening realization.

Steady increases occur in our prison population, divorce, adultery, teenage sex, substance abuse, gambling, litigation, and mental illness. Steady decreases continue in education, health, contentment, marriage, and standards of all sorts. These same conditions existed during the fall of Greece, Rome, and Spain.

The Western world realizes that something fundamental is amiss, and they want change. The approval rating of the President hovers around historic lows, with the approval rating of Congress even lower. People want change, but they don’t know what change to make, except to get the government more involved, that same government that has created all the issues to begin with. These issues are but symptoms or effects, of a fundamental cause and therein lays the problem.

Western society is feminine and materialistic—it is unbalanced. It focuses on the material and remains unaware of the unseen forces that govern all that we see. The words of Jesus, “My kingdom is not of this world” go unheeded, as do the words of the Koran, “This book is for those who know with a certainty the existence of the unseen.”

Instead, Western society deals only with the seen and therefore all conditions continue to worsen; Hillary Clinton’s health care plan of a decade ago serves as an excellent example. Her plan had nothing to do with health; it focused on sickness and how to deal with it. That is the feminine approach—to adapt to the conditions that exist and then nurture it. Teenage sex receives the same treatment; instead of teaching ethics and abstinence we accept their sexual behavior and give them free condoms. We provide drug addicts sterile needles so that they don’t catch disease while they practice their habit. Treating symptoms does not make for change; however, Western man no longer has the ability to make change. He has legislated away his God-given authority and reduced himself to an automaton production worker and manipulated consumer. He has said to the government, “You take over responsibility for my family, its education and well being, and I’ll just make money.”

The Koran states, “Do not with your own hands cast yourselves into destruction,” which is exactly what Western man has done. He legislated away his own authority, and now he is crying about it and doesn’t know how to extricate himself from his position. He calls upon the government to help him not realizing that with every act of so-called helpfulness from the government he becomes even more dependent upon it for his survival. With his own hands he put himself into slavery.

Western society is incapable of being “fixed;” it has a fundamentally flawed basic premise. It does not understand the universal principle of gender nor the patriarchal structure necessary to make family the focal point of society. Western society is haram from top to bottom. Haram does not get “fixed;” it self-destructs.


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  1. Hailee
    Hailee says:

    Just stumbled across your misogynistic, ridiculous article. Funny that you think that ‘the feminine approach’ has ruined western society when I would have to think the exact opposite. I believe testosterone is a main cause for war and greed on this planet. The need for humanity to seek power and wealth has always been prevalent throughout the world. Western culture is not perfect and has many wrongs but if you believe that a man should have any power over a woman because of law of nature (because a man in physically stronger) then I feel deeply sorry for you because you are not a person of love and religion, you are a misogynistic arrogant, ignorant power -hungry, testosterone-fuelled man who has nothing better to do than blame the worlds problems on the fairer sex.

  2. unconventional-thinker
    unconventional-thinker says:

    What you say is the truth.
    FEMINISM is the root cause of most of the problems in western society.
    Because of feminism ,the western countries will continue to decline and eventually become one of the most backward countries in the world.

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