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Recent Elections Of ISGH

Important Message From Rodwan Saleh: President Of ISGH

As’slamu Alykum Dear Respected Brothers of the Shura and the Newly Elected Ones..!!

I wanted to be the first one, who congratulates his brothers on behalf of the community on their new role as officials representing the Muslim community locally, and at large.

Congratulations are in order, but keep in mind that as ISGH officials, we have no jurisdiction outside the Masajid. That means we are here to serve the Masjid. Our functions are only as custodians of the ISGH Masajid. That’s it..!!!

Contrary to this above believe, I have noticed last weekend, and during the election’s process, a vast span of lobbying. I will not extend my thoughts about the issue of lobbying, but anyone who was there, knows exactly what I am talking about. In fact I asked one of the brothers who was “lobbying” to stop doing so, he said to me.. “Look we did the same thing for you, when you were running…”, my reply was, “Did I ask you to do so”..!!??

We seem to think if we put “our man” in place, then that “one person” is going to change the course of ISGH’s and its headings. Well, ISGH has never been a one man Masjid, or a one man organization. And anyone who thinks they can come and change the course of ISGH and put the entire community in jeopardy, I ask them to think again.

So, in keeping with my main objective in writing this E-Mail, and in reading the following verses, I hope the new winners ponder upon it.

53:32 Those who avoid great sins and shameful deeds, only (falling into) small faults, – verily thy Lord is ample in forgiveness. He knows you well when He brings you out of the earth, And when ye are hidden in your mothers’ wombs. Therefore justify not yourselves: He knows best who it is that guards against evil.

With that in mind: Congratulations to the winners of the 2008 ISGH elections.

Wa As’slam..
Rodwan Saleh
ISGH President; 713-524-6615; President@ISGH.org.

Annual General Body Meeting Of PCC-USA

Annual 2007 General Meeting of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-U.S.A. was held at a local Hotel. The outgoing President, Gul Faraz Khan welcomed all the members, and thanked them for their kind support and participation in the activities of PCC-USA and making his tenure successful.

The General Secretary, Amir Khan presented the Annual Report outlining the activities and achievements of the Executive Board during 2007 mentioning the visits of Pakistan Businessmen Delegations from KCCI and Delegation form Trade Development Authority of Pakistan as well as visits of office bearers of PCC-USA to Pakistan. He specially mentioned the great co-operation and support extended by the Consulate of Pakistan headed by the then CG Mr. G. R. Baloch in Houston as well as its Trade and Investment Section Headed by Dr. Zia Ahmed. The Report was adopted by the house unanimously.

The Chairman of Constitutional Committee, Rashid Khokhar presented an amendment in the constitution to form a Council of the Past Presidents (CPP) which will act as an advisory body that shall work closely with the “EBD” in an advisory capacity. This amendment was unanimously approved.

Mr. Khokhar also announced the results of the 2008 Elections to the Board of directors. The following nominees for the 9 positions of EBD were declared elected unopposed as there were no other contestants for these positions along with Mr. Muhammad Saeed Shaikh, who assumed the position of President of PCC-USA being the President-Elect 2007:

President: Mohammad Saeed Shaikh; President- Elect: Mohammed Tariq Zaka; Sr. Vice President- Abdul Q. K. Kundi; Vice President- Administration: Iqbal Sheikh; Vice President- Media and Public Relation: Mohammad Mumtaz Khan; Vice President- Marketing & Membership: Amir M. Khan; Vice President- Liaison: Rafique E. Jangda; General Secretary: Khalid Kazi; Joint Secretary: Zafar Khan; Director of Finance: Pervez Iqbal.

The incoming president is Mohammad Saeed Sheikh; he proposed a Vote of Thanks to the outgoing president, Gul Faraz Khan, after which the meeting ended.


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