What Did ALLAH Say?

Follow ALLAH with heart and deed.

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin

I’m sure we all have observed the irony of seeing a person who is learned in Qur’an and the religion, go about their everyday business in complete opposition to what is written in the Qur’an. They create problems for themselves that you would expect persons of less knowledge to do; not a person schooled in the religion or scripture. You would think they knew nothing about right from wrong

Nevertheless, great men (and women) have been felled by succumbing to the draw of the opposite sex. So what did ALLAH say? He, ALLAH says only have relations with your lawful mate. That is a plain and simple commandment from your Creator. Yet some people act as though they never heard it – or don’t understand it, even though it is plain and simple.

Avoiding the major sins and working on the minor sins, will probably enable you to earn your ticket to paradise.

There are some people, some young and some not so young, who feel that the use of marijuana is permitted in the religion. They get this feeling by saying it is a “natural herb” and ALLAH says seed bearing herbs are good for us. In that case why don’t they smoke poison ivy?

It is dangerous to try and pull technicalities on the plain and basic directives of ALLAH revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (s). ALLAH plainly says to eschew intoxicants. He doesn’t say except those that come naturally from the earth. Everything is from the earth.

Some people think drinking a little wine is permissible because ALLAH says, “In it is some good…” But these people don’t want to finish the thought of the ayah where ALLAH says the “bad outweighs the good; so don’t drink it at all.” Some scientific studies say a little wine does help the heart. But our Creator knew this all the time; that’s why He said it is some good in it. But plain and simply ALLAH says “Don’t do it.” He knows it is a tool of Satan to bring you down under him. What did ALLAH say? Don’t do it.

Some people have negative opinions about themselves. It may be obesity, poor self-esteem, racial inferiority or whatever. They let people dog them and misuse them because they feel they deserve that kind of treatment. They might go through their whole life carrying around that heavy burden; and that is an unnecessary burden. What did ALLAH say about the human being?

ALLAH says that he honored human beings. This is very plainly stated in Qur’an. Yet some people, who have knowledge of this (in both Arabic and English), act as though they never read it.

The Qur’an contains both plain and basic teachings and it also contains allegorical verses. ALLAH says those simple, plain verses are the foundation of the book. He wants us to concentrate on those verses so our lives will be peaceful and balanced. The allegory we can deal with later.

In all your endeavors, just ask yourself – What did ALLAH say?

As Salaam Alaikum
(Al Hajj) Abdullah Bey El-Amin


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