Words of Inspiration: Islamic Relief USA Interviews Fawad Khan & Alman Nusrat

Islamic Relief USA’s Nabeelah Naeem interviews Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and songwriter Alman Nusrat (ANX) at the Pakistan Dinner Tour.

Fawad Khan

Islamic Relief USA: What do you hope to accomplish with Islamic Relief USA?

Fawad Khan: Helping out widows and orphans in Pakistan … There is an extremely varying economic and social terrain in Pakistan. It is very dangerous when such disparities are there in society. IRUSA is trying to make people self-sufficient, and they are trying to help the less privileged people in the society so that they can do something for themselves.
Islamic Relief USA: Is there a reason why you play certain roles in your dramas?

Khan: Every actor I think takes acting as a social responsibility. The roles we portray are actually a reflection of people in our real lives around us, oppose to the reel life.  I would like to think that whatever capacity I can, I try to reflect that in the roles that I have played. I would like to encourage our producers especially in Pakistan to make more socially active content that makes people aware of what the conditions are really like out there.

Islamic Relief USA: What is your message for donors?

Khan: My message to the donors would be something I periodically say: Charity is one big circle and it goes around.  If you are ever, God forbid, in a position that you are entitled to someone else’s charity, then there will be a lot of people that will be standing behind you.  I encourage them to donate.  It is not just donations but it is a development of society and community. It helps save countries and communities all together.  Whatever you can conveniently and comfortably give, you should help them out as much as you can.

Islamic Relief USA: What is your message for beneficiaries that are going through difficult times?

Khan: My message – I do not think they need my message, honestly speaking. They are the ones that are giving us the message that they need help. To give us that message, I think it takes a great deal of pride to admit that you need someone else’s charity. So my message to them is whatever way we can be there for you, we shall try to be there for you. I am wishing them all the best.
Islamic Relief USA: Any final words of wisdom?

Khan: Just to spread love and happiness, it shall come around.

Alman Nusrat

Islamic Relief USA: What kind of music do you sing and why did you decide to use your skills to help Pakistan?

Alman Nusrat: I sing Islamic nasheeds. I sing about religion and topics related to religion because I feel the youth of today can identify with trials that are talked about in the songs.

Islamic Relief USA: Why did you decide to work with Islamic Relief USA to help raise funds for Pakistan?

Nusrat: I feel that a lot of times people in our community get caught up in their everyday life and we easily forget about the people that are not as privileged as we are. I am a firm believer if you are blessed with something, you should share those blessings.

Islamic Relief USA: How has your experience been so far working with IRUSA?

Nusrat: Alhumdulilah with the tour you visit a new city every night and it is not often that every single night you see new people. Every night you are reminded of the blessings that you have. I just love being here and working with Islamic Relief because that reminder is just priceless. Meeting those people is priceless. Just seeing them smile to give something to someone is amazing. I love to see that smile; I love to see that heart. 

Islamic Relief USA: What is your message for beneficiaries that are going through difficult times?

Nusrat: My message to the beneficiaries is alhamdulilah that Allah (swt) is with you. In one of my songs I say:

a little child crying all night,
no family around,
nothing in sight,
enveloped in darkness he’s lost sight but he finds in his heart a light that shines.
You don’t know what you are worth, but you are worth a lot. Allah (swt) is proving that He loves you with all of these people coming together to just help you.

Islamic Relief USA: What have you learned from this tour so far?

Nusrat: My sister gave birth to my first niece, alhamdulillah. I haven’t seen her yet, but I do know she will be growing up in a world where there are terrific brothers and sisters raising money and doing things and making a change in this world. So I am just honored to be here.

Islamic Relief USA: Any final thoughts?

Nusrat: Alhumdulilah something that has touched me throughout this event and throughout this tour is that a majority of these donors have been sisters. Just to see all of these women are coming together to help these people, it is so inspiring.

With the help of our donors – many of them women ­­– we were able to raise money for our humanitarian projects in Pakistan. With your support, Islamic Relief USA’s projects are making a difference in the lives of many Pakistanis, particularly women. Through eye care services in Pakistan, you are helping us provide access to preventable and curative eye care services that may help more than 21,000 at-risk individuals avoid blindness. To learn how you can support our projects in Pakistan, visit irusa.org/Pakistan.


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