LAHC 25th Annual Gala

By Noor Hani Salem, TMO

Over 1,000 people sat in the Presidential Ballroom at the Henry Hotel of Dearborn, MI Thursday night for the 25th Lebanese American Heritage Club Gala. On stage sat 55 high school, undergraduate, and graduate students facing their audience, who also happen to be the very people who sponsored them.  Among the guests sat CEO of Wal-Mart, representatives from the CIA, Ford Motor Company, and DTE.

The past 11 years the LAHC held their annual Gala at the Hyatt regency of Dearborn. However last November the Hyatt was purchased by a new owner and this year marked a venue change for LAHC.
The past several years LAHC gave up over a million dollars in scholarships to students of the Arab American decent. They also give out two community awards and this year it was honored to Ford Motor Company and Rabih Dow.

The three hour long event included a choir, the awarding of the scholarships, and a dinner by Chef Habib Bazzi. It was yet another successful event for LAHC.
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