Op-Ed: Miscellaneous Thoughts on the Tenth Anniversary of the Iraq War

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO

sealcookSan Francisco–April 14th–I have been overly concerned with analyses of possible effects of the (U.S.) President‘s ground- breaking pilgrimage to greater Canaan(Including Jordan) and have ignored the tenth anniversary of “Shock and Awe!”

On the local news in the Bay Area here tonight it, was reported that the Russian Federation, who has had its issues with its own Islamic population, has banned visa application of the major American war criminals from the Iraq era.  I personally wrote to an up and coming young diplomat expressing thanks for his nation’s courage, for the former (US) “President” Bush (#2), and seven key members of his administration were adjudicated guilty of war crimes in the Muslim majority — highly-economically developed — Southeast nation of Malaysia by a Panel of Seven Judges in Kuala Lampur.

Now the seven individuals found guilty in absentia and were indicted include former US “President” George W. Bush; and the architect for the Israeli-interest War, Vice President Dick Cheney; and the then American Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo.

Now, John Yoo, esq. lives and works in my community of Berkeley, and, is a tenured Professor at the Law School, Boalt Hall, within my gradate Alumna Mater.  I am proud to say my wife was a highly visible leader in the Impeach Bush Movement at the time.  Norah, while finishing up her 35-year career the University, was most active in pressuring the President’s Office, the Regent of the Campus and the dean of the Law School to withdraw his crimes of manipulating the U.S. Constitution beyond its basic intend. Although this man’s memos were central in twisting our inviolate Constitution to allow torture!  I must admit my (late) father’s description of academics as having backbones of s…t has some merit although, as having done part of my career in academia, I do feel this description is far from universal. Yet, the three administrators mentioned failed to express the slightest fortitude of courage!         

The Kuala Lumpur Panel heard harrowing testimony of American actions against their surviving citizens!

The Malaysians have sent their findings to The Hague, but because of the overwhelming might of the U.S. this has been ignored.  During the War, I had advocated that the American Courts handle the prosecution of some of these individuals through War Crime and treason trials (the throwing of the 2000 election) which, if found to be treasonous, is punishable by lethal injection whereas the maximum punishment is life imprisonment without parole in Europe.

I, in no way, promote capital punishment except in mass political murders and genocide of which the Bush Administration may he guilty!  Like the Nuremberg, this neo-Conservative (Zionist) ideology must be contained; so, as not to come back to haunt us.  If the American Courts cannot achieve conviction, the individual should be turned over to the International Courts.

Personally, if John Yoo is issued an Interpol warrant, would request the Mayor of Berkeley to hold him on any Interpol warrant until the legalities of the situation are sorted out.  Until then, never again against for us, too!


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