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Muslims Condemn Brutal Attacks on Hindus and Hindu Temples in Bangladesh


By Mike Ghouse

We condemn these disgusting acts of Muslims among us, who are hell bent on hurting fellow Bangladeshis, because they are Hindus. These acts go against the very essence of Quran to treat every human, animal and the environment with dignity. Quran could not be clearer than this, “killing one person is like killing the whole humanity, and saving one life is like saving the entire  mankind.”   
The insane attacks on Hindus are referenced in several reports, please read different reports to get the full picture, a commission must be established to report the findings.
The majority of Muslims are peace-loving, however a few among us are not, and it is our responsibility to not let those few tarnish the name of our religion. We need to make our struggle to bring justice and trust in the society.

In the interest of containing, cornering and mitigating the conflict, we urge the Bangladeshi Government to take all the precautions to single out the individuals responsible for the chaos.
We appeal to the authorities, not to arrest the miscreants as Muslims or members of any of the religious or political organizations but as individuals. Per Quran and per any civil law, the individual alone is responsible for his acts, and not his family members, the mayor of his town, the Imam of his Mosque, the nation of Bangladesh, or Islam itself. If we follow this wisdom, we will contain the problem to individuals and prevent further aggravation of pitting one group against the other.

The success of a nation depends on her citizens feeling secure; in this case, it is the duty of the state to ensure the safety of Hindus, Buddhists, Shia, Ahmadiyya, Christians, and other minorities.
It is also the obligation of the Bangladeshi majority to continue to speak up against the brutal treatment of fellow Bangladeshis who are Hindu. Indeed, the safety of a community is the responsibility of the majority. 

Prophet Muhammad (s) established a government in Medina, where no Jew, Christian or others were to feel insecure. He further gave one of the strongest instructions to Muslims – If any one of you is unjust to the other, By God, on the Day of Judgment, I will stand up against you in support of the victims. As a Muslim, I ask Muslims to come together to take these individual actions:


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