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Shareef Becoming Agent to The Stars

By Parvez Fatteh, Founder of http://sportingummah.com, sports@muslimobserver.com

MalikShareefMalik Shareef, Esq. is a senior sports writer with Politic365. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Washington and Lee School of Law (2006), he is a certified contract advisor for the NFL. He co-founded Dimensional Sports, a sports agency based out of New York City, along with equity trader Rodney Thomas. Shareef and Dimension made a splash in 2010 by signing Joe Haden, the number 1 cornerback in the draft out of the University of Florida, as their very first client.  Haden ended up being picked number 7 overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2010 NFL Draft, and he went on to sign a 5-year, $50 million contract.

Shareef has gone on to sign additional high-profile football clients. His current clients include: Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams (a second-round pick in 2011), Browns safety David Sims (an undrafted free agent for the Giants in 2011), Houston Texans cornerback Rashad Carmichael, New Orleans Saints linebacker Nate Bussey, St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins, and most notably, star New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. Of this year’s draft prospects, Shareef represents Florida State University quarterback EJ Manuel. You can follow Shareef on Twitter @malikshareef.


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