The Untold Gaza Story

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The Untold Gaza Story

II. Laila El-Hadad

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO

A member of Palestinian civil defense rides in a boat through a flooded area caused by heavy rain in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip January 9, 2013. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Sacramento–A fortnight ago the first part of this article on Laila El-Hadad was published upon the pages of this news journal.   Ms. El-Hadad is a considerable writer attesting to the injustices that her miniscule homeland has had to undergo since its “independence.”  Your scribe can only touch upon her  witness in these two short pieces, but your narrator has named the first part of his repportage of her testimonial narrative, the Gaza Mom, after the title of one her books which considerably expands upon her testimony, and may be a source which some our readers would wish to pursue.

The people of Gaza voted Hamas to counter the corruption of Fatah (e.g. to which [former] U.S. President Jimmy Carter attests in his book on Palestine which yours truly covered on these pages a number of yours ago) into office.

Gaza rightfully possesses a portion of an undersea field of natural gas.  The entire field is, also, claimed by Lebanon, Turkey (by its proximity to its Cyprian territory) and Tel Aviv.  As for the Palestinians on the Strip the Hebrews have not let them develop their portion of this most required resource. Recently, the Israeli State has let their objection to a proportional claimed by Gaza to stand, but, because of the blockade, this is meaningless.

III. Hell

A Personal Response to Laila Hadad’s Witness

Ukiah (Calif.)–After writing the first part of this article from the Sacramento River on Laila El-Hadad above a few weeks ago, your correspondent received a rather ravenous Zionist memo while here on the Russian River (we are being read by not only American Muslims) viciously attacking your writer’s report upon her

(Laila’s) testament on the slaughter and the traumatization of the young in the Gaza Strip.  (The only reason that your author has been tolerating this sort of written abusive is that it may be the basis for an e-book on Islamophobia in America.)

Within the communication was a link on how the children were disturbed by the Palestinians.  The basis of what follows was “inspired” by that e-letter and its attached Op-Ed. 
Your columnist stated that the issue of a possible war crime against the Gazan children there under International law is due to the precept of the proportion of retribution to the perceived threat.  Yes, there is distress within Israel. (A good reason to solve the problem instead of ignoring it!)  Depending on when you start counting, less than ten Israeli children have died compared to hundreds of slaughtered Palestinian Innocents, but this state of violence against any and all is intolerable, but the comparison of the number of Palestinian to Israeli children demonstrates the criminal degree of force that has been applied against the (modern) nationette of the “Philistines” in contrast to the “collateral deaths” produced from the asymmetrical defense induced to the (modern) Israeli aggression.

Many International organizations have called for indictments for wars crimes against the contemporary Hebrew nation by the U.N. and related human rights courts on this matter.  Under that policy of proportion alone — outlined in the Geneva Convention and multi-national agreements on the right to civilian protections and even to life itself, it is clear a great violation has been criminally committed against the Palestinian children of Gaza under international law.

Your debater declared that the racist anti-Arab Op-Ed attached in the communication to him alluded to above is a very ignorant essay in that Tel Aviv’s deep aim is for regime change of the democratically-elected government in Gaza City.  As your chronicler has said on these pages before, the majority of the rockets onto Israeli-controlled “territory” were shot by non-State actors (the Islamic Jihad and other fringe Palestinian groups who do not accept Hamas or Fatah). 

Hamas defense elements (they can hardly be described as an army or even as a paramilitary police force) only became involved when attacked.   The evidence can be found when the more sophisticated missives (probably built by Iranian expertise proliferated via the Pakistanis from [originally] North Korea technology) were deployed.  Previous to the overwhelming Israeli onslaught, inaccurate and primitive IUD-rockets and the remaining Soviet-era Scuds were employed by the non-State players.

The Hamas-led government only has become involved when their mini-State was attacked. The first step for Israel is to establish well-defined borders along the Obama proposals which the IDF accepts as negotiable.  The problem is (the Israeli Right-of Center Party) Likkud’s dependence upon the Settler’s vote (a plurality of them from New York City’s Borough of Brooklyn).

Israel lost the 2008-2009 Gaza incursions because it was a public relation disaster, and exposed them as a Rogue State.

Strategically, it is a different ball game now because of long-range Iranian missile technology which the Iron Shield cannot protect against as of yet.  The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is scrambling to develop comparable weaponry to counter Hezbollah and other allies of Persia Previously, there was no need for such armaments for the military threat was within or right across their “boundaries.”  That was part of the reason they withdrew from the frontiers of the Strip in 2012; that is, a threatened loss of support — especially from the U.S. and Germany.

(Incidentally, if anyone would like to discuss a monograph on Islamophbia in America, please contact me via the Muslim Observer.)


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