Become an Aalim in Three Years Studying in USA

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Become an Aalim in Three Years Studying in USA


After the Jumah prayers, Resident Aalim Mufti Qamarul Hassan announced that the AL-Noor Society of Greater Houston is establishing the AL-Noor Institute of Islamic Sciences, where through an extensive curriculum, students will able to graduate in three years to become authentic Aalim (Scholars of Islam). He added that a few years ago, the new building of Masjid was built at 6443 Prestwood, in Southwest Houston, for which people from Houston locally contributed immensely. Now that this important institute of national level is being built at the same location; so similar moral & monetary support is needed from the whole of USA.

One of the coordinators of the Institute Akhtar Abdullah explained that various Aalims from USA & overseas from UK and Pakistan, will teach the students, in English and Arabic. Curriculum will include Quran Study and Principles of Tafseer; Study of Hadith and Principles of Hadith; Study of Fiqh and Principles of Fiqh; Ilm-ul-Kalaam (Aqeedah); Logic, Philosophy, and Wisdom; Arabic Language; Comparative Study of Religions; Tasawwuf; History of Islam; and much more.

Controlled access housing will be built as part of this institute, where even if the students are from local city, they will have to stay at the housing complex.

For more information, one can call 1-832-236-6865 / 1-832-606-7598 / E-Mail: Info@ALNoorInstitute.Net; Admission@ALNoorInstitute.Net

Speaking on the occasion In-Charge of the Institute Shaykh Faizanul-Mustafa Qadri said that Islam is a universal religion; an only creed that guarantees human success, both in this world and the hereafter. All the divine religions, which preceded Islam, were the initial links to this series. And it is Islam, through which Allah (Almighty) has completed this sequence. The specialty of this religion is that it contains answers to all the aspects, elements, and problems related to human life; therefore, without Islam, no one can attain the status of a complete being. It is very important to present real and authentic values of Islam to the rest of the world, and those who are unaware of Islam – must be introduced to the true teachings.

Majority of people living in the western world are non-Muslims, and many are well educated. The importance of presenting Islam to them can only be understood by those, who have deep love and affection of this religion. In this regards, some matters are of great importance for the conveyor. The manner of expression must be peaceful, comprehensive, logical, and based on sound & authentic knowledge.  The presenter must also understand the mindset, language and speech of those people who he is addressing. This way the message of the Din can reach the American non-Muslim majority very easily and have a profound impact.

A significant number of Muslims also reside in U.S. Many of them are those who have migrated from Muslim countries – some being descendants of migrants. We also have many locals, who have voluntarily accepted Islam.

Muslims, who are settled in America, protected their creed by building mosques across the region. Where ever necessary, they also built small Islamic centers to fulfill their needs. Initially when the mosques were built, we had a dearth of scholars. Therefore the learned were called from Muslim countries. Visas were issued relatively easily too. As eras passed, Muslims were challenged with problems which grew over time.

Today many mosques and Islamic centers still lack scholars and imams. Many mosques have been forced to shut down or remain empty due to the unavailability of scholars.

We however realize that for any region, the religious need cannot merely be fulfilled by calling scholars from other countries. Until and unless we create local institutions that produce expert scholars, the need cannot be fulfilled.

In the history, scholars emerged from Egypt, Syria, Baghdad, Samarqand, and Bukhara and brightened the light of Islamic science across the globe. In different parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe, people reverting to Islam were taught by the scholars of these above mentioned regions; and later on local scholars emerged from every nation and region, where Islam reached.

This proves that the need cannot be fulfilled by merely calling scholars from overseas. Traveling overseas to attain Islamic knowledge only fulfills the need to a smaller and limited scale. Besides, not everyone can travel overseas, thus we have seen a decline in scholarship in America.

Thus we need to strive to create a team of scholars amongst those, who are born and raised in United States. This is not an easy task to accomplish, but if we strive hard to accomplish this goal we are guaranteed to be successful.

Shaykh  Faizanul-Mustafa Qadri added that announcement of this institute is the first step towards this goal: May Allah, through his mercy grant success (Ameen).


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