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If Americans Knew

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO

Sacramento–Alison Weir A. Weir the executive director of If Americans Knew, a nonprofit organization – that is located in Vancouver (Wash. — across the Columbia River from Portland [Ore.]) after completing an independent investigation as a freelance journalist at the height of the second intifada in 2001, became acutely aware of what the sectarian-bias media was hiding from her country (U.S.’) brothers and sisters.

Weir was brought down from the Pacific Northwest by Sabeel, an English spelling for the Arabic word for “spring,” a Jerusalem-based Christian Palestinian (but the Movement itself has spread worldwide) people-of-faith organization, who are inclusive of not only Christians but Muslims and all Jews–  who, also, agree that the intolerable status of the mutual ground for the three religions of Abraham (PBUH) must be settled in a fair and equitable manner.

Six years ago the American Journalist was only superficially aware of the Arab-Israeli crisis.  (Now, after the current U.S. elections, the solution to all of us once again becomes the most pressing problem in the Middle East.) AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) is not the only problem in the Washington-Tel Aviv axis, but it so pervasive that that organization has a stranglehold upon American politics.  In actuality, they are a foreign agent  within the American Commonweal, but its employees are not required to register in Weir’s words!

They will lobby Congress not to create bills in the interests of the American hinterlands, but for the benefit of those within the miniature country in extreme West Asia.

Since the members of the American Congress and President are continually running for re-election, AIPAC is able to have American policy drafted in Israel’s favor by means of their “blackmailing” lucre.

The other side of the dynamic is that organization will turn against those Congress people who “buck” their organization.  Amongst their victims have been the Republican Representative Pete McClosky and the Democrat Cynthia McKenna in her Georgia purely Afro-American District at that! 

Small non-PACs (Political Action Committees) will give to AIPAC; then, AIPAC will literarily re-distribute those funds in a manner resembling a subtle “bribe” to those  American law-makers who  ensure the U.S.A.-Israeli relationship’s status quo.

Even Obama has had to communicate with AIPAC; therefore, to Weir, he is indebted to Zionism. 

Israel, as a political entity, started before the establishment of that nation.  Israel is politically a Jewish State – that makes it exclusive rather than inclusive; and, thereby, has been travelling ever further  from a sectarian-based State to a racist one. 

Curiously, the American State Department opposed the Zionist Movement for several decades before the 1948 Partition of the old British Mandate of Palestine, but in 1913 — even before the establishment of that very Mandate – a secret society was established to promote Zionism in America; before even the (British) Balfour Declaration of 1917 which promised a Zionist Jewish State within the old Medieval Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem’s territory. 

Zionism became a factor in the United States’ entry into the First World War.  Zionists pressured members of Woodrow Wilson’s Cabinet to enter as London’s ally if they could commit themselves to a Jewish State in the area of the, then, Ottoman Empire.  

The commitment from the Zionists was, if an agreement was reached for a Jewish State over Palestine, those Zionists promised to garner a worldwide support for the Allies.  Thus, the British came to embrace the American Zionists as “natural allies.” 

There was a worldwide Zionist delegation to the 1919 Versailles Conference from which the Treaty of Versailles emerged which, in effect, created the post-World War I geo-political landscape.

Curiously, the (U.S.) State Department, then, and the majority of American Christian leaders opposed the pseudo-Hebrews (Hebrew was a “dead” ritualistic language but was only revived for Nationalistic reasons along the lines of Irish) at that aforementioned French Conference — because the U.S. diplomatic corps perceived them as an anti-democratic force.

The precursor of AIPAC in America urged Christians and Jews to form an alliance.  (Much of the “mythological” structure of the Judeo-Christian tradition resided within the Jewish Old Testament (or, in Christian terms, the Old Covenant).

The ascendant edition of the Judeo-Christian Bible (the West’s basic religious text) in North America at that time was the Scofield Bible (first published in 1909) which Alison Weir judged to be a distorted (translation; and, thereby, interpretation) of the sacred words of two of the three of the Abrahamic traditions. 

Through it all, the media has perverted the history – often under AIPAC financing — of the raise of the initial Ashkenazim State in the Levant.  Ms. Weir pointed to the fact that individuals, such as the late Fundamentalist “Christian” Jerry Falwell, were fiscally influence by Israel; and, thus, are Zionist although not Jewish in any way.  (The reverse is true, too:  Most American Jews do not advocate Zionism as a moral alternative.)  Probably, merely, a half of one-percentage of American Jewry identify with the Zionistic faction within their tradition. 

At the same time, Washington gifts/enables the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) U.S. $8.2 million per day.  With the States seriously in debt, this would be a logical item to cut.


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