Congressional Recognition for Radio Light of Islam on 18th Anniversary

“I started Radio Light of Islam on August 14th in 1994. I am grateful to Allah SWT; all of my local Houstonian & worldwide listeners; and patrons for listening to and supporting this Non-Profitable Media of the Muslim Community for eighteen years.”

These were the sentiments shared by Maqsood Siddiqui, the Founding Producer of Radio Light of Islam at the Annual Fundraising Banquet at Milan Hall Shahnai Restaurant Houston. Radio Light of Islam airs every Friday between 1pm-2pm Central US Time; and every Sunday between 10pm-12-Mid-Night Central US Time; on Houston Radio Frequency 1460AM, and Live Worldwide at

Congressman AL Green was the Guest of Honor on the occasion, and appreciated the efforts of Radio Light of Islam in giving the positive message to the community and Youth, so as to have contributing & upright citizens of the society.

Shaykh Monzer Taleb was the keynote speaker. He said that those people throughout history, who have effectively used the media of their time, have been most successful and enterprising. In today’s world, where Muslims are under microscope of the media worldwide, it is important to establish community own media, and encourage the Youth to get involved in it. It is very good to establish Masajid and Islamic Schools: At the same time, establishing community media institutes is as much important. Therefor it is crucial to assist and support Light of Islam Radio Program to increase the number of hours, which will help the involvement of Youth in Media.

During the event, special plaques were given to young Huffaz (those who have memorized Quran by heart); and winners of Qirat, Speech, Hamd, and Naat competitions that were held before the Banquet.

Present on the occasion and those who spoke & presented recitation of Quran were eminent scholars Qari Dilawar Shah, Moualana Imtiaz ur Rehman Thanvi, and Mufti Saleem.

Radio Light of Islam also provides community services, like Matrimonial, Hajj Packages, and assisting orphans & widows in Hyderabad India. For more information and support, please call Maqsood Siddiqui at 832-298-7860; and/or visit


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