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Eid Al-Fitr 2012 Islamic Center of Detroit, MI

By Noor Hani Salem, TMO

On Sunday August 19, 2012, billions of Muslims celebrated Eid Al Fitr, one of the two Muslim holidays. 10,000 of those Muslims joined at the Islamic Center of Detroit in Michigan, where fun is available for the entire family. The day begins early, around 8am the center is filled with people of all ages. The huge lot in front of the masjid is filled with tables, one filled with balloons, another toys and candy bags for children. Other booths are there, where some business owners  are selling things from honey to house frames and décor items. There is also food for sale, like famous bakery cheese, zatar, and meat pies, and the delicious and famous Falafel Paradise stuffed in gourmet sandwiches. Cold drinks and water are also for sale. The takbeer begins early, and the official prayer is at 9:30am. The halls were filled with little girls in their prettiest dresses, and adults dressed to their best. After the prayer there was a short lecture about how we should keep our good deeds from Ramadan consistent, and that we should worship not only in Ramadan, but year round, because our Lord is not the Lord of Ramadan alone, but the Lord of every second of every day. It was a very touchy lecture. Immediately people gathered outdoors, eating playing, and gathering for family pictures. Children ran to the moonwalks and slides that sat in the lot and others ran to be first in line to grab a goody bag, balloon, and toy, which the center gives out for free every single Eid (and it’s been a tradition for years). Families ate and talked and enjoyed seeing other Muslims that they haven’t seen for months. By noon the lot empties, but many families stay and spend the day there. Others visit relatives and friends, take children out to play, or have lunch out to celebrate. Eid nights are spent in laughter, while enjoying traditional sweets like mamoul (date cookies) and tea. Families gift one another and try making the three days of this Eid the best possible. Once the days are over, well the countdown for Eid Al Adha begins!


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