Very Successful Fundraiser at Bloomfield’s Muslim Unity Center

By Adil James, TMO

P7290399Bloomfield Hills-July 29, 2012–Despite the dire need of Syrians at home in the war, the predominantly Syrian community of Bloomfield’s Muslim Unity Center put their best foot forward to support their mosque against its day to day operating costs, raising $407,000 toward that end.

The Unity Center held a fundraising iftar this past Sunday evening.  Without hiring showy speakers from out of town, the mosque appealed to the medical community who form its financial core, who rose to the challenge, some giving tens of thousands of dollars to their mosque.

The event began immediately after iftar, in the basement conference room, with posh tables with rose bouquets on every table and fancy upholstery on all of the chairs, very fine food and desserts–all of this sponsored by a generous member of the Unity Center community.

The event began with recitation of Qur`an, followed by a brief introduction to the needs and budget of the mosque.  The Unity Center has an operating budget of about $45,000 a month, of which $21,000 is covered by monthly donations–the purpose of the fundraiser was to cover the remaining deficit.

The fundraising began with scary stories of Muslim children from prominent local Michigan mosque families who cavort in their high schools, dating and engaging in promiscuity and sometimes losing their faith.

The fundraiser began with a plea to support the mosque as an alternative to the bad influences Muslim children face in the wider world.

Imam Masmari of the mosque made an impassioned personal plea which brought literally several hundred thousand dollars in donations.

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