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Zaf Tahir Campaign: First Major Fundraiser

With the City of Houston Council Elections in November, the month of June 2007 is most crucial for all the candidates vying for different positions to raise as much money as possible.

Zaf Tahir is running for At-Large Five Position and his supporters organized the first big fundraiser for him at the Sugarland Marriott this past week. Among those attending was Former Mayor Pro-Tem Honorable Gordon Quan, Texas State Representative Honorable Ms. Dora Olivio, Houston City Councilman M. J. Khan, Officials of Pakistan-American Council of Texas (PACT) and appreciable numbers of friends, well-wishers and family members.

Everybody talked about the integrity and entrepreneurial capabilities of Zaf Tahir and how his asset of business acumen will go a long way in making the City of Houston more commerce-friendly and less permit-intensive.

For more information on Zaf Campaign, one can visit: www.ZafForHouston.com.


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