Historical marker at Mohammed Ali’s childhood home

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Historical marker at Mohammed Ali’s childhood home

LOUISVILLE,KY–A historical marker now honors the childhood home of Muhammad Ali.

artwork_images_424079904_360944_eddie-adamsMetro Councilman David Tandy said, “This is a significant step for the Kentucky Historical Society to take this, because traditionally this is an honor that is not given to someone who is still among us.”
Before he was the greatest of all times, and before he ever learned how to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, Muhammad Ali…then known as Cassius Clay…grew up in the house at 3302 Grand Avenue in West Louisville.  “He used to baby-sit my children,” says Lawrence Montgomery, Ali’s childhood friend and neighbor.  “They come in…go in the yard, go around, they never go in the house…they just go around and look at the place and then leave.”


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