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Community News (V14-I14)

Mosque permission denied in Lake County

CLERMONT,FL–Lake County officials denied a Muslim group permission to build a mosque in Clermont. In the unanimous decision the commissioners cited traffic concerns over the denial. They also clarified that their decision wasn’t based on religious reasons.

The Islamic Center of Clermont hoped to build a  25,000 square feet facility  on its five-acre property. They had also planned to have 199 parking spaces.

One of the applicants wasn’t convinced by the commisioners’ arguments. “I appreciate they said they were not making this a religious thing, but we are getting shut down, and I question that when three churches were allowed to get zoning in that very vicinity,”he told the 13 News Channel.

Teaneck asked to add Muslim holidays

TEANECK,NJ–A Muslim group in Teaneck is asking the township to add the two Muslim holidays to the school board’s calendar. Waheed Khalid, president of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Muslim Union, said he has asked the school board to observe the first day of Eid al Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, and Eid al Adha, which marks the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. He said the confusion over the moonsighting can be corrected by opting for the calculation method.

However, not everyone in the Muslim community is supportive of the idea. Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin told the local press that most Muslims in the area refuse to abandon the lunar calendar. Muslim students currently are allowed to miss school on the two days as allowed excuses.

Imam Abdul Muqtadir Sikander, of the Nida-ul-Islam mosque, has also written to media opposing the demand.

Event to look at the influence of American Muslims

The American Islamic Congress will present “Faith, Money, Power: Leveraging the Buying Power and Influence of American Muslims” on April 3 in Washington, D.C. This pioneering forum will present information and insights on the buying power, demographics, and civic engagement of American Muslims. The discussion will focus on the trends shaping the American Muslim market, efficacy of targeted marketing and branding strategies, as well as tactics for forging strong relationships with a new generation of young, educated and savvy consumers and voters. 

The event will be held on April 3rd from 8:30 am to 12 pm at the Carnegie Institute of Science in Washington D.C.

Speakers at the event include Sarab Al-Jijakli, Account Director for Ogilvy Noor; Besheer Mohamed, Research Associate for The Pew Research Center Forum on Religion & Public Life;Rafi-uddin Shikoh, Managing Director and Founder of Dinar Standard; and John T. Pinna, Director of Government & International Relations for the American Islamic Congress.


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