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Qur`an Competition

By Adil James, with thanks to Asim Khan

quran4Farmington–February 25–The Tawheed Center, already known for their aggressive teaching of Qur`an, is the premiere venue for learning Qur`an in Southeast Michigan, having graduated about 20 young huffaz in the past two years. 

This weekend they put icing on that cake by holding a Qur`an competition.  46 children in three age groups (5-7, 8-11, 12-15), including 18 girls and 28 boys participated in a Qur`an competition at the Tawheed Center Saturday February 25th.

The children were measured on their flow of recitation, knowledge of tajweed rules, and the length of the surahs they recited. 

Judges were Sheik Shaadi from Franklin, Imam Sohel from Tawheed, and Sister Adawia Al Ghalia al Haib, a hifz teacher from the Tawheed Center Tanzil Hifz Program.  Prizes were awarded for the first three places in each category. 

Trophies, medals, and (large) candy bars were given.  Over 350 people attended the program, which ended with a recitation of nasheed by Sheik Shaadi.


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